Price Guide

Price Guide

Eyebrow Lamination cost in Sydney

Cosmetic Tattoo & Beauty Services

As this is a personalised service please contact Rachel regarding pricing for cosmetic tattoo services.

Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing Touch Up/Colour Management
Dark Lip Neutralisation
Eyeliner Tattoo (Classic/Invisible)
Winged Eye-Liner Tattoo
Perfection Appointment 6 – 8 Weeks
Microblading/Feather Touch Brows
Perfection Appointment 6 – 8 Weeks
Ombre/Powder Brows
Perfection Appointment 6 – 8 Weeks
Combination Brows
Perfection Appointment 6 – 8 Weeks
Annual Colour Boost & Touch Ups
Original Brows must have been completed by Rachel
Brow Sculpt
Signature shape, wax and tint
Brow Lamination & Tint
Lash Lift & Tint
Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow Lamination cost in Sydney

Advanced Skin Treatment

KRK Treatment List

PD13 – $450
Advanced acne/rosacea treatment

Green Sea Peel – $220
Duration: 1 minute

Mela-Pro Peel – $250
Duration: 50 Minutes

Lazer Peel – $250
Duration: 50 minutes

Customised Peel
All skin care options can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Ombre Powder Brows Sydney

Pura-Peel Aesthetics

Customise Your Own Facial Starting From $70

KRK Treatment List

C02 Oxybrasion

Decongests and easily extracts

Exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin
Infusion of unique revitalising serums
Oxygenation which kills p.acne bacteria
Tightening and contouring


Cleanse and Peel
– Uncovers a fresh layer of skin. This first step vacuums the skin while infusing a cleansing serum
– Choose from a selection of 4 peels catered to each skin type

Extract and Hydrate
– Removes debris from clogged pores with painless suction
– Nourishes with intense hydrating infusions that quench the skin

Fuse and Protect
– A and B group vitamins get to work for an overall perfected complexion with potent actives
– Improve texture and tone while peptide complexes repair skins deeper layers to restore a youthful appearance

Lymphatic Therapy

* Removes toxic build up to reveal healthy looking skin
* Helps detoxify the skin
* Decreases inflammation
* Removes unwanted build-up
* Optimises skin health

Bio micro-current

Firm sagging skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Bio Micro-current Face Lift is a safe and non-invasive face treatment procedure, it effectively works by a low-level electrical current close to your body natural electrical current which helps to repair damaged skin and stimulate the production of more collagen in the dermis. Overall results include wrinkle removal, face firming, and a younger- looking face.

Sonopheresis Ultrasound

For dry and dehydrated skin

Sonophoresis provides an intense infusion of powerful vitamin-based serums deep into the skin. The result is a high level of smoothness, radiance and hydration. This
non-invasive hydrating facial treatment helps
you achieve the fresh, younger-looking skin you’ve always wanted!

LED Therapy

Pigmentation, antibacterial and skin rejuvenation

Praised as the “magic light” Photon dynamic therapy is a biological active cold light that does not produce heat.
It applies LED light therapy through the handles for pigmentation, antibacterial and skin rejuvenation results

High Frequency

Acne and anti-ageing

Prevent stubborn acne recurrence, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eye circles and rejuvenate the condition of the skin. For all areas of the skin

Ultrasonic Scrubber

Decongests and easily extracts

An ultrasonic scrubber uses high-frequency vibration (via sound waves). Cells start “talking” to each other, pores open wide, so dirt and debris are gently vibrated and scrubbed away.

Diamond Head Microdermabrasion

Decongests and resurfacing treatment

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer, and has many benefits.

– Treat light scarring
– Discoloration
– Sun damage and stretch marks.

Eyebrow Lamination cost in Sydney

The Rachel James Signature Facial Package

Starting with an extended deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment created by our expert therapists to awaken the skin. This treatment includes a double cleanse with steam, an invigorating exfoliation with our cosmedical range and a microdermabrasion or hydrabrasion treatment to get rid of unwanted dead skin cells. A highly active peel will then be applied to the skin to address any skin concerns you may have. This treatment includes massage and aromatherapy hot towel and finishes with a hydration treatment.

Treatment Includes:
– Skin analysis and consultation
– A lymphatic double cleanse with steam to eliminate toxins
– Exfoliation with our cosmeceautical range and a thorough microdemrabrasion or hydradermabrasion.
– Hydrating Mask
– Massage
– Aromatic Hot Towel
– Hydration Treatment